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The scientifically-designed surveys are administered and processed by a independent third party assuring the integrity and validity of the ratings for professionals.

Ten years and over 1,000,000 surveys later, we know a thing or two about the rating process consumers trust the most.

Below are featured comments from past customers.

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A participating RatedAgent agrees to have every closed transaction included in the rating process. Only sellers and buyers who actually participated in a closed transaction are eligible to rate their agents. Validity of returned survey data verfified by QSC, Inc. and Leading Research Corporation.

Featured RatedAgents

Mary Cohen
Los Gatos, CA
Customer Satisfaction Rating for Mary Cohen
Don Kamen
Northville, MI
Customer Satisfaction Rating for Don Kamen

Only consumers who actually participated in a closed transaction are eligible to render an agent review and comment – closed transaction and validity of returned survey data verified by QSC and Leading Research Corp.

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